Last Night in Montreal

Last Night in Montreal
by Emily St. John Mandel
2009 / 256 pgs
rating – A-

A divorcing father has kidnapped 7-year old  daughter Lilia as he leaves mom and the two drive across the country for several years avoiding detection as she is a highly publicized “missing child.”     As an adult she can’t stop traveling/moving from city to city but her latest lover follows her as does the detective who can’t get her case off his mind.

Meanwhile,  Lilia  has a certain amount of amnesia about the night she was taken,  she doens’t know how she got the scars on her wrist,  and she doesn’t remember much about her mom.   So the story switches back and forth between back-flashes of her and her father criss-crossing the country,  the detective’s search for her and her lover’s life without her and his search for her.

It’s a page-turner,  well written,  original and just a plain over-all good read.  Also, Bresnahan does and excellent job.

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