Hanging By a Thread

Hanging By a Thread
by Monica Ferris  (6th in the Needlecraft series)
2003 / 272 pages
read by Susan Boyce / 6h 19m
A- (if you like cozies)

Oddly enough this came up for me at Halloween and there is a theme of ghosts in it.   FosterJohns, a local tradesman was all but convicted of a double murder about 5 years ago and his life has been horrendous ever since.   He pleads his case to Betsy Davenport,  the series’ amateur detective,  and she says she will investigate to find the truth,  not necessarily to exonerate him.

The victims were husband and wife,  the husband thought well of by most but some fear for his wife as he was extremely possessive and suspected of abuse.  The wife was on the point of having an affair with Paul, the tradesman. This leads everyone to assume that Paul killed them both – or – that the husband killed his wife and Paul killed the husband. Considering the time frame that looks more likely –

Meanwhile,  Betsy is now dating Maury, an ex-cop from the prior book and Godwin swoons over a tourist fisherman.

There is no action-packed thriller stuff in these books but there is no gore either – very mild cursing and Godwin is gay.   I happened to “get” this one quite early on but that’s unusual for me.

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