Cards On the Table

Cards On the Table
by Agatha Christie
1936 / 224 pages
read by Hugh Fraser / 6h
rating 7

I’d never read this one – at least not that I remember and one would think I’d remember a book where a murder takes place at a bridge party.  The victim,  Mr. Shaitana, has invited four people who just happen to have gotten away with murder earlier in their lives.   In another room he has four major detectives – Poirot and three others including a woman novelist.   The point is that Shaitana wants the detectives to meet and view the real thing – the “artists.”

But  during the evening Shaitana is stabbed with a dagger  – likely by one of the card players.  Who?   That is for Poirot and the other three are left to figure that out.

Agatha Christie mysteries are really just puzzles to figure out.  They’re not particularly well written,  not thrillers,  and they don’t dwell on setting or relationships unless directly related to the crime.  I loved them as a very young adult – from about age 17 to 20.  These days I still really enjoy the who-done-it aspectm  but tend to go for a more sophisticated presentation.




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