The Gods of Gotham

The Gods of Gotham
by Lindsay Faye
2012 – 432 pages
Narrated by Steven Boyer – 12 h. 19 m.

This is a rather literary historical mystery set in New York City in 1845 – the days of  the Irish immigrants, fleeing from the potato famine.   That was also the year NYC established a real police force.

The protagonist,  a bartender named Timothy Wilde,  is homeless and unemployed as the result of a large Manhattan fire which has also left him with a disfigured face.   His brother, thanks to political connections,  gets him a job on the brand new police force. His beat? The edge of Five Points,  a seriously bad neighborhood – nightly murders for 15 years.   See,_Manhattan 

On his beat Timothy meets and befriends a young girl whose nightgown is covered with blood.  She tells him there are many, many bodies buried in a nearby forest area.  Timothy rises to the occasion and gets immersed in a very difficult case of child prostitution, murder, corruption, religion and madness.

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