The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers
by Patrick de Witt
2011 / 336 pages
narrated by John Pruden 7h 42m
rating – 8

This book is totally hilarious – Eli Sisters, the first person narrator is a dirty, merciless killer of the wild west circa 1851-2 on a job to hunt down an enemy of his boss.  Eli and his brother Charlie are everything a bad guy should be except for  two things – they speak perfect, contraction-less English,  and they love their mother.

En route to California to eliminate Hermitt Warm they have  a series of adventures which  turn Eli’s head to thinking about love and work and his brother.  Is this what Eli really wants to do for a living?   The answer is not really – but how to leave his brother and when is the question.   Meanwhile there’s a little gal in …

You’ve got to read it – it’s thoroughly original.

2 Responses to The Sisters Brothers

  1. Roni says:

    I’m going after this one. I love humor in any story.


  2. Oh good. It’s quite different.


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