A Nail Through the Heart

A Nail Through the Heart
by Timothy Hallinan
2007/336 pages
narrated by Victor Bevine 10h 52m
rating:  7 (top for crime)

How can a story break and warm your heart at the same time?  Set in post-tsunami Thailan,  Hallinan’s first of a series does just that.   Travel writer Poke Rafferty is settling in there with his girlfriend Rose, an ex-bar girl,  and an 8-year old girl he found on the streets, Miaow.  But while he’s dealing with all this he tries to help a young woman find her missing uncle who turns out to be the king of child-porn sleaze and also gets involved with a 0ld,  deranged Khmer Rouge torturer.  Meanwhile,  Miaow’s friend,  a very troubled boy named Superman,  is in desperate need of a place to stay,  but this boy brings his own kind of trouble.

Combining these tales results in a unique juxtaposition of horrendous grit and heart-warming fuzzies.   Be warned that this book is gritty – but it also develops the ideas of warm supportive relationships with damaged people.   Hallinan obviously has a deep regard for the Thai people and their Buddhism.

Bevine did an excellent job on the narration.

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