Framed in Lace

Framed In Lace
by Monica Ferris
1999 /  256 pages
narrated by Susan Boyce 7:20
Needlecraft Mysteries, Book 2

My guilty pleasure –  cozy mysteries.  Ferris is pretty good at creating a small town atmosphere with plenty of characters.  It’s relaxing to listen to Boyle read but choosing an avocado and laughing out loud will get looks at the grocery story.   There are funny parts.  Definitely of the “who-dun-it” variety I was in suspense until the end.

The ferry which was raised from the lake had a skeleton on it with a lace handkerchief next to it.  The skeleton belonged to a female but the tale of how she ended up in the lake involves old gossip about people who are now elderly.

Now Betsy Devonshire,  the owner of Crewel World, a needlecraft shop inherited from her sister,  has to go to work on the investigation as the main suspect is a patron.   With the help of Jill Cross, a good friend, patron and police officer, and Godwin,  her gay shop assistant,  Betsy is pulled into solving the crime.

Framed In Lace – excerpt

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