5/10/2012 Fun and Games Duane Swierczynski m aud Larkin, Pete 7:37:00 5 US X 2011 4MA fun/crime topsy-turvy
5/15/2012 God on the Rocks Gardham, Jane m Kindle 187 8.5 Brit X X 1978 Bkr secrets not Gardham’s best
5/18/2012 A Drop of the Hard Stuff Block, Lawrence m aud Stechschulte, Tom 8:30:00 352 6.5 US X 2011 4MA AA private eye
5/18/2012 A Wrinkle in Time L’Engle, Madeiline f kindle 211 6 US X 1973 20th good vs evil
5/22/2012 The House of Mangoes Davidar, David m paper 421 7.5 India-Eng X X 2003 Bks changes disappointing / flat
5/22/2012 The Trees Richter, Conrad m paper 167 8.5 US X X X 1940 BGL changes great dialect
5/22/2012 The Best of Am. Sci & Nat. Roach, Mary (ed.) kindle 350 8 US X 2012 all-non science pretty good selection
5/25/2012 Enemies: A History of the FBI Weiner, Tim m audio Rudniki, Stefan 18?37 560 8 US X 2012 greads FBI nice narrator!
5/30/2012 The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich Shirer, William L. m audio Gardner, Grover 57:13:00 1280 8.5 US X 1960 self Nazi regime “German mentality”
5/23/2012 Clara and Mr. Tiffany Vreeland, Susan f audio Farr, Kimberley 15:15:00 448 4 US X 2010 cafe women-histo stupid – taught me what good writing is
5/29/2012 Blue Mountain, The Shalev, Meir m paper 377 9.5 Israel X 1988 BGL early Israel comm magical realism, beautifully written
5/31/2012 Yacoubian Building, The Aswany, Awaa Al m kindle 246 8.5 Egypt X 2003 BGL Egypt corruption very interesting book!

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