The New Life

The New Life
by Orhan Pamuk
1993/ 297 pages
Rating 8

One day Osman, a young man in Turkey,  reads a book which changes his life.  He then falls in love with Janan, the woman who introduced him to the book and together they board a bus to see Turkey.  After many bus accidents and road mishaps Janan leads Osman to the home of Dr. Fine who is the father of her prior lover who introduced her to the book.   Dr. Fine, among others,  hates the book.  Mehmut,  his son,  Janan’s ex-lover, has run away and Dr. Fine tells Osman about how he has searched for him but now he is dead.  Osman and Janan go to find Mehmut and I’ll not tell anything more.

This is one of Pamuk’s lesser novels but it’s worth reading.  It’s one of those books which was great for the times (and I first read it back in about 1997) but the meta-fictional and other post-modern literary “tricks”  Pamuk was playing with have gone by the wayside in recent years.

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