The Drop

The Drop
by Michael Connelly
2011/ Audio
read by Peter Giles
rating 7 (very good for a detective novel)

Reading three Connelle books virtually back-to-back is amazing.  I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.  I did take a break after the first two but then dug right into the third,  The Drop.   I did

this so I could catch up with the series.

I discovered that Connelly has a “formula” of sorts.  He gets two stories going at once.  They’re not related but Bosch gets quite harried taking care of both issues (plus private life).   The first story gets started and then a second one interrupts the first and he has to solve that crime before he can get back to work on the next.  It does lend a certain continuity to the book,  in a way,  I suppose.  Sometimes it feels a bit anti-climactic.

In The Drop Bosch is working cold cases and making some headway on one about the murder of a young woman on whom the blood of an 8 year-old is found.  But suddenly word comes down that the son of an old chief/new councilman has either committed suicide or been murdered. First things first – get the case of the councilman’s son taken care of – come hell or high water (in usual Bosch style) and then to work on the old murder.   I still like the books even if he is an arrogant sob.

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